BTSR International operates in the design and manufacturing of electronic sensors for the quality control in the manufacturing chains of clothing-textile, mechano-textile and technical textile, besides operating for years also with solutions for the testing of metal wires (copper and precious metals).

CWF 2000 by BTSR  represents an innovative solution that goes beyond the state-of-the-art in the wire feeding technology and will unavoidably exert an impact on the wire winding sector. It is a highly technological multi-patented system, thanks to a completely new and different control modality of wire tension compared to the already known and more traditional ones, it allows reaching unprecedented process efficiencies and quality.

Due to its design and implementation, it allows feeding the wire in constant and uniform manner, irrespective of the speed of the wire itself, connected with the machine speed and the coil size, and of the coil section/shape. Based on the new concept of “dual drive system”, able to grant the perfect combination between the feeding control and the accumulation control, the new CWF 2000 represents the first “positive and driven” feeder released on the market. Compact and ergonomic, this device can be integrated on existing lines and can process wires from 0.014 to 0.6 mm of diameter.

Thanks to its intrinsic peculiarities, it allows programming up to three different values of wire feeding tension, without any interface/connection to the coil winding machine. Alternatively, up to 4 different values of wire feeding tension during the winding cycle, using two outputs of the digital coil winder. Keeping pace with Industry 4.0, the new CWF 2000 is based on control software that can be integrated also into the PLC of the coil winding machine where it is installed, with all consequent operational benefits. Available in two versions, (CWF2000 to work on machines with double winding and coil, and CWF2000 HCL for needle machines and needle winding machines), it finds applications in several sectors including manufacturers of ignition coils for automotive, of solenoids, of transformers, of relays, of stator and rotor windings for household appliance motors.