At the Hungarian plant in Győr, they have started the implementation of electric powertrains for the PPE (Premium Platform Electric) platform. Audi Q6 e-tron will perform the debut of the state-of-the-art electron units, whose manufacturing is scheduled in Ingolstadt where Audi has simultaneously completed the implementation of the new battery assembly plant.
In Győr, Audi Hungaria manufactures stators and transmission components in a new area taking up 15,000 square metres, where they assemble also the axles for the PPE platforms and the relative tests are carried out. Audi has installed three new lines for PPE electric motors. The line of stators provides for 28 workstations, whereas the one for transmission components is based on 15 stations and the assembly of one axle needs 190 machining phases.
“Győr is the ideal site to manufacture state-of-the-art electric extraordinarily compact and efficient Audi electric motors, intended for the PPE platform. The team operating in Győr is highly skilled and, since 2018 until today, has already produced over 400,000 electric powertrains that constitute precious know-how”, affirmed Gernot Döllner, CEO of Audi AG.