Some months after its establishment, the joint venture Marelli and Punch Motive International is giving its fruits: the assignment of the first relevant contract for the production of e-axles (electrified axles) by an important car manufacturer on a global scale.
The production start of this system, which will be developed, tested and produced by Marelli Electric Powertrain Strasbourg, is expected for 2024.
The joint venture, where Marelli is the major shareholder, combines the proven expertise of the two partner companies to develop and to assemble “e-axle” systems, integrated and optimized for BEV or Plug-in Hybrid vehicles for Europe and Americas. The achievement of this first relevant contract since the establishment of the JV has represented the market acknowledgment of its advanced technological skills.
The e-axle system will be compatible with the most severe requisites of functional safety, as the ASIL-D, and it will be one of the most compact, efficient and performing market solutions. Another relevant feature will be the capability of assuring optimal driveability to BEV vehicles through functions such as the active torque vectoring, which confers more agility to driving.
Hannes Prenn, President of the Vehicle Electrification Division of Marelli, declared: “This joint venture was created to allow controlling a further area in the ambit of the portfolio of the Vehicle Electrification Division of Marelli. Winning a contract of this relevance few months after the creation of the JV perfectly demonstrates the logic at the base of its establishment. The focus on the e-axles dedicated to full electric systems is a key element in the strategy of Marelli Vehicle Electrification. Such element, together with our consolidated expertise in the ambit of electric motors and of the thermal management, defines a complete approach that permits the efficient control of the energy flow in current and future vehicles”.