ZF and Wolong Electric companies are protagonists of an important partnership in the world market of the electro-mobility that will produce components and electric motors for automotive applications. This joint venture will operate under the name Wolong ZF Automotive E-Motors Co Ltd, will develop the product portfolio by ZF and will further improve the competitiveness in electric transmission systems.
A first success of this partnership is the assignment of an important contract for the mass-production of components for the electric motor for hybrid and electric transmissions, which significantly share in reducing CO2 emissions from the road traffic. ZF informs that this move with a Chinese company represents a fundamental step forward in the implementation of its commitment to investing in China.
Meanwhile, ZF is constantly developing its integrated systems for network and automated applications. In the spring of the current year, the Group has further strengthened its ranking in rising markets for MaaS solutions acquiring the majority shares of 2getthere, Dutch mobility supplier. For over 20 years, 2getthere has been offering autonomous-drive shuttles for a broad variety of applications, with the applicative spectrum of fully automated electric transport systems, which range from airports to industrial parks, thematic parks and urban transport infrastructures.
Since January 2016, ZF has grouped its activity in the electro-mobility field in the E-Mobility division headquartered at Schweinfurt, in Germany. Over 9,000 employees work in the division, spread in various sites worldwide.