It is called Racing. Green the sustainability strategy that will involve the whole Aston Martin under the supervision of the apposite Committee for sustainability. Assets include the net zero emission within 2030 in manufacturing plants and by 2039 on the whole corporate provisioning chain.
The electrification programme is one of the pillars, too. The automotive company foresees in fact to deliver its first hybrid plug-in, the supercar with central motor Valhalla, at the beginning of 2024. The release of the first electric battery-powered vehicle signed by Aston Martin is forecast by 2025, and within 2026 all new product lines will be available with electrified powertrain. Aston Martin is planning to electrify completely within 2030 the whole primary portfolio of GT and SUV sports cars.
The use of innovative sustainable materials is rising in vehicles by Aston Martin, which is exploring for instance the use of the ecologic aluminium alloy – produced with 100% of renewable energies – and of vegan leather-free interiors available as option, to offer a broader choice to customers and to reduce the environmental impact.