Purposely built for the production of fully electric vehicles based on the MEB modular platform, the new factory of the joint venture Saic Volkswagen and Antig is completed and the pre-production has started. The line has in fact produced a purely electric Volkswagen ID model, specific for China, and the mass production start is scheduled by October 2020.
MEB is a unique platform specifically ideated for the production of high volumes of electric vehicles, which allows a longer pitch and more spacious interiors. Besides, the models produced on this base will be equipped with state-of-the-art infotainment systems and connectivity functions seamlessly integrated into daily life.
«Volkswagen Group provides for a total volume of 22 million purely electric vehicles on a global scale within 2028, of which over 50% coming from China. The Country – stated Herbert Diess, President of the Board of Directors of Volkswagen Group – plays a fundamental role in our electrification strategy, which will help the Group to reach the target of becoming neutral in terms of CO2 within 2050. With the production start on MEB base, we will introduce also in China the Volkswagen ID family, a brand-new generation of purely electric and connected vehicles».
Smart and digitalized, Anting plant becomes a new example of smart sustainable factory for Volkswagen Group China and for the entire Chinese automotive industry.