On a global scale, the idea of boosting the fight to Covid-19 through the collaboration between Medtronic (global manufacturer of medical equipment and solutions), SpaceX and Tesla for the implementation of lung ventilators for intensive care has aroused justified echo.
With this initiative, Medtronic intended to involve, first of all, the aerospace industry SpaceX manufacturer and the international electric mobility Tesla brand.
Elon Musk’s company has then confirmed the possibility of effectively contributing in the achievement of the precious and ambitious target that Medtronic itself has set. In other words, increasing its output of  bmechanical ventilation systemsy 40%, to provide solutions against the emergency timely, after allocating an additional budget of 10 million dollars for research through its foundation.

Initially sceptical about the actual dangerousness of the virus, Musk not only changed his mind but he also undertook strong actions, first for finding over 1,200 made in China lung ventilators – on whose operation arguments did not miss – and then with an even more impressive move.
That is to say deciding to open again that Gigafactory in Buffalo, New York State, which like the vast majority of North American manufacturing facilities had been compelled to lockdown since the last week of March.

Tesla Gigafactory in Buffalo, New York State
Tesla Gigafactory in Buffalo, New York State

Therefore, where they developed solar panels and the components for the innovative fast recharge Supercharger V3 network, support technologies to Covid-19 patients and health operators started being shaped. The tycoon’s commitment was not limited to that because press sources have reminded that works are proceeding to reconvert a part of Californian Fremont factory’s lines, still for the implementation of hospital technologies.
Medtronic in Italy is playing a protagonist role in the world, in the ambit of the strategies for the fight to Covid-19. Besides developing the supplies of devices and technologies, it is the focus of a variety of projects that in our Country have for instance concerned the specialized induced activities of Mirandola district and have been fulfilled in strict collaboration with innovation incubators and accelerators such as Maverx Foundation.
(By Roberto Carminati)