WEG has strengthened the policy of internal safety against COVID-19 emergency, guaranteeing the continuity of supplies to essential market segments. With branches in 36 Countries and factories in 12 nations, WEG’s productive activities are increasingly demanded by food, energy and infrastructure industries.
In this crisis time, WEG products play an essential role in terms of energy supply, especially for the creation of temporary hospital structures. WEG’s strategy precisely aims at eliminating any hitch in the supply chain for all sectors deemed of primary importance, ascribing utmost priority to the supply of equipment for hospitals, health structures, pharmacies and supermarkets.
Moreover, the enhancement of WEG procedures guarantees the safety and the protection of the labour force on a world scale, which counts over 31,800 workers.
WEG’s productive activity has prosecuted with a reduced number of workers, in compliance with the directives that impose the social distancing; besides, where possible, employees have started operating in “smart working” modality.