Implemented in about 18 months by 22 Dutch students of the Tu/ecomotive team University of Technology, Luca is a prototype of two-seater sports electric car, which boasts a green soul indeed.

The vehicle is equipped with two electric motors, one for each rear wheel, and its weight is just 360 kilograms, with the addition of 60 kg of batteries.

The great peculiarity? Luca has been fully made with wastes, including the plastic fished out of the ocean, recycled Pet bottles for the frame and unsorted household wastes for interiors, which include also two very comfortable customized seats, whose cushions are made with a combination of coir and horsehair.

For the bodywork, they have used recycled Abs, a hard plastic drawn from landfill materials such as TV sets, toys and kitchen appliances.

The two-seater with sports look has a yellow livery made with the application of a film, then easily removed to be recycled again.

Considering wastes as precious material in a car with sports look is then the outstanding frontier exceeded by the team of the project manager Lisa van Etten. «We hope– stated Matthijs van Wijk, member of Tu/ecomotive team – that automotive companies will start using waste materials, already feasible for many applications. We wanted to demonstrate it is also possible to make a frame with them».