In Changchun, in China, they are accomplishing the building of the new manufacturing plant of Audi FAW NEV Company, which plays a crucial role in the electrification strategy of Audi for China. Here, they are about to build a cutting-edge factory exclusively dedicated to the production of full-electric Audi models, which promises new standards in digitalization, efficiency, and sustainability.
It is a course started in March 2021, when Audi and FAW Group established the Audi Faw Nev Company in Changchun, setting up the first joint venture in China where Audi is the majority shareholder. In June 2022, they started the construction of the new manufacturing site and in September 2023 they inaugurated the Test Center Changchun, a forefront structure able to test simultaneously up to 70 vehicles. The factory will be soon ready, and the start of the mass production of full-electric models based on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) is foreseen by the end of 2024, followed by the release on the market of the first Audi electric model in 2025.