EuroGroup Laminations strengthens its international ranking by inaugurating a new manufacturing plant for the EV market in Mexico, at Querétaro, with an investment to be made worth about 50 million Euros. The new plant adds around 10,000 sq.m. to the Group’s production park in the Country (21,000 sq.m. already existing) to more than double the manufacturing capacity for the EV & Automotive segment in the next two years.
The new site at Querétaro enriches the manufacturing park of EuroGroup Laminations on a global scale, as it is now composed of 13 factories, seven of them in Italy and six abroad – two in Mexico and two in China, one in the United States and one in Tunisia – and it will be central in the execution of the Group’s order book for the EV & Automotive segment, which in October 2023 reached the record amount of 6.4 billion Euros.

The Group has undertaken an additional site development programme: they are about 10,000 sq.m. for the EV & Automotive segment that joins the already existing 21,000 sq.m., with a 43% enlargement of the covered surface. The new plants have been built in compliance with the highest standards of innovation and sustainability, with a particular highlight on decarbonization, circular economy, and education, reaping the fruits of the Group’s consolidated expertise as a market leader.

The expansion of the production site in Mexico marks a new fundamental step in the growth course of EuroGroup Laminations with the foreseen doubling of the manufacturing capacity installed for the EV segment, further consolidating the market leadership.
“We are proud of inaugurating the new Mexican plant at Queretaro and of so strengthening our production capacity for the North American EV market for a fast growth at the service of already received job orders worth over 3 billion and a half Euros to be delivered from 2024 to 2028”, commented Marco Arduini, CEO of EuroGroup Laminations. “We work based on a growth plan that will allow us to increase production while shortening manufacturing times. Moreover, we invest in new forefront processes and technologies to grant unique solutions and the highest qualitative standards.”