The designers of electric motors are constantly researching efficient insulation solutions that can provide more efficiency, cost reduction, and sustainability. The new slot liner in Ajedium™ Paek has been developed to satisfy all these criteria. The Ajedium™ Paek slot liner joins the current Ajedium™Peek slot liners, devised for the insulation of electric 800-Volt motors. As communicated by Roberta Colombo, Marketing Manager Electrical Power Grid of Syensqo, was recently born thanks to the extraordinary assembly of Solvay shareholders and 99.53% of positive votes.

PAEK slot liners use AvaSpire® PAEK material, which offers a chemical composition resembling PEEK. Similarly to Ajedium™ PEEK slot liners, Ajedium™ Paek creates the potential to increase the electric motor’s efficiency by 2%. The efficiency increase is the direct result of the use of a thinner slot liner, which allows a higher filling than the copper slot, improving the heat transfer and reducing the electric resistance, meanwhile reaching the electric insulation and the duration of the electric motor. “The rise of electric motor efficiency in the order of 1% enables a weight saving from 7.5 to 15 kg and an economic saving from $ 66 to $ 159 for each electric motor. The use of Ajedium™ PAEK slot coating can also lead to a reduction of CO2 emission”, Colombo declared.