Siemens Digital Industries Software has announced the release of its Simcenter™ E-Machine Design software to support the manufacturers of electric vehicles (EV) and their supply chain in the precise forecast of electric machines’ performances, including the electric axial-flux drive units. The new solution of the range of industrial Siemens Xcelerator software combines electromagnetic and thermal simulation, sharing in decreasing the dependence on physical prototyping.
«The industry of electric vehicles is called to face challenges coming from various directions: problems of the supply chain, scalability capability, and innovation research driven by more and more demanding customers», affirmed Jean-Claude Ercolanelli, Vice president senior, Simulation and Test Solutions, Siemens Digital Industries.
AxiaI-flux motors can exert a positive impact on electric vehicles’ autonomy due to their higher power density. However, the engineers who adopt them must deal with more challenging heat dissipation requisites. The complex nature of these motors puts a strain on engineering departments and many turn to advanced simulation to decrease development costs and times. Supplied as an integral part of the last upgrades of Simcenter™ software by Siemens, the new Simcenter E-Machine Design solution allows engineers to use parametrized models and analytic modeling in the early development phases, then go on work on the 3D design with finite complete elements and analysis simulations (FEA) when more complex investigations are needed, such as advanced thermal interactions.