The two Japanese companies Subaru and Panasonic Energy have found a cooperation agreement, in the ambit of their partnership established one year ago for the supply of new lithium-ion cylindrical batteries. The target is satisfying the growing demand for electric battery vehicles.
“Through this signature, both companies reaffirm their commitment to jointly contributing in the solution of various challenges, such as the achievement of a carbon zero-emission company, the promotion of the sustainable growth in the automotive and battery sectors, the support to the local employment and the development of human resources”, it is what the two companies have jointly affirmed.
Recently, Panasonic has made waves for a further technological step forward: it has signed an agreement with the American startup Sila to use Titan Silicon, first nano-composite silicon anode, in the next batteries for vehicles, with the consequence of much higher performances. The nano-silicon anode, first high-performance substitute of the graphite anode, can grant an increment of the range of a vehicle by 20%, but in the future it is expected to double this value, up to +40%.