Various manufacturers in the world are carrying out an industrial reorganization to implement the necessary life-saving medical devices in such a critical phase of the Covid-19 pandemic in course.
Among the most pressing targets, increasing the production of ventilators, which are helping so many people hospitalized in intensive care.

In Italy, Ferrari, Fca and Magneti Marelli (producer of automotive components) are at work and are assessing with the Bolognese company Siare Engineering International the solutions to increase the national production of respirators, indispensable for the care of the most seriously ill patients affected by Covid-19.
The Bolognese company is in fact the only one in Italy (and among the only five in all Europe) specialized in this type of sophisticated devices become indispensable in intensive care and has recently signed a maxi supply agreement with the National Civil Protection.
Two are the feasible ways: supporting Siare (to which the Italian Government has asked to double the weekly production) in the manufacturing process optimization (especially in the production of electronic components), or outsourcing part of the manufacturing in partners’ factories.

(Courtesy of Siare Engineering International Group)

The automotive industry’s know-how in technologies (mechanics, chemistry, physics and electronics of vehicles), in the process optimization and the greater purchasing power of raw materials might undoubtedly guarantee many benefits to Siare. The experience of the suppliers of car parts and components can also contribute in the manufacturing flexibility needed in this phase.

In the world
The industrial reorganization to supply materials and equipment to hospitals, main front of the war against Coronavirus, involves the commitment in the world of several other companies of the automotive industry.
Among the companies that are moving to the rescue of hospital facilities and governments, we find also Ford Honda, Jaguar Land Rover and Rolls Royce.
All Countries in the world are experimenting a dramatic shortage of suitable protections and instruments to prevent the contagion of physicians, nurses and other healthcare operators, the forefront against the virus, and to assist the most seriously ill patients with lung ventilators.
In Germany, Volkswagen Group is studying how to use 3D printing to aid the production of hospital ventilators and other life-saving equipment.
Daimler and BMW Groups as well are working to help the healthcare system concretely.
In Great Britain, a consortium of industries, McLaren and Nissan included, are organizing an extraordinary production of ventilators, as requested by the Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
In the USA, General Motors (inside the private consortium is collaborating with Ventec Life Systems, producer of lung ventilators, to increase the production. Also Tesla and Ford, together with GM, have been invited by Donald Trump to cooperate to face the emergency.
In particular, Ford is collaborating with 3M and General Electrics Healthcare to develop a breathing mask with air filtering system intended for healthcare teams and relievers. Some components, like the fan of the system of fanned seats of Ford F-150 pick-up, will be used to implement a 3M ventilator model and they hypothesize to be able to use some Ford factories, too.
They think of using also ready-to-use parts like the battery packs of portable tools to power respirators for eight hours maximum.
Moreover, Ford and GE Healthcare are collaborating to expand the production of a simplified version of the existing ventilator by GE Healthcare, to support the patients with respiratory failure or breathing difficulties caused by Coronavirus.