CDP Group’s initiatives will allow supporting growth, export and internationalization of Italian enterprises in this difficult time, through plafond for a total of 7 billion Euros to facilitate businesses’ access to credit and interventions of moratorium and payment extension in favour of companies benefitting from funds that support export and internationalization.
Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, to support Italian enterprises, on a domestic and international scale, in full health emergency caused by Covid-19, has implemented a package of interventions.
They have put at businesses’ disposal a plafond of 7 billion Euros to finance the requirements of circulating capital, investments, export and internationalization activities, in partnership with the bank system, and also a package of moratorium and payment extensions, still in collaboration with the bank system, to guarantee support and flexibility.
The initiatives that will be soon activated include the “Plafond Mid-Large Corporate” and subsidized loans for internationalization.
CDP is creating a new guarantee instrument to support enterprises: Plafond Mid-Large Corporate. The measure, which is conceived to provide medium and big Italian companies with further liquid assets, will be operational in the lapse of few weeks and, due to the state counter-guarantee, it will grant funds up to 10 billion Euros.
About the subsidized loans for internationalization (Law n. 394), they are strengthening the Revolving Fund Law n. 394/81 that currently supports enterprises through subsidized loans for internationalization, with the establishment of a separate section of the Fund itself that will allow non-repayable co-financing up to 50% of loans granted. Criteria and modalities will be established by the Loan Committee next weeks.
CDP Group assures the full operation of its services in smart working.
For any further clarification or information about Covid-19 measures, the dedicated line 06.6736002 is active.
For any further information the green number 800.020.030 is always in operation.
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