With a record acceleration, a maximum travel speed of 21 km/h and further improved lifting speed and height, the new electric RX 60 25/35 forklift trucks by STILL combine the agility, the acceleration, the dynamism and the prompt braking of electric forklift trucks with the high-performances that in the past only diesel or LPG forklift trucks could assure. Due to these characteristics, RX 60 25/35 are suitable for applications in various sectors, like logistic, food & beverage and mechanical industry, offering notable use versatility: from loading and unloading operations of lorries to the horizontal transport of load units, from the stacking in shelves with maximum height of 7390 mm to commissioning and good preparation operations.
As perfectly knows Sofidel Group, world top player in the production of tissue paper for hygienic and domestic use, which has decided replacing all thermal forklift trucks in operation in its production sites and warehouses with electric forklift trucks.
Today, in Italy Sofidel can rely on a fleet composed by over 160 STILL forklift trucks– prevailingly electric frontal RX 20 and RX 60 – which are used for all activities, from the handling of raw materials to the finished product stocking in warehouse and the loading on lorries. To meet the specific requirements of the paper industry, most forklift trucks are provided with special equipment, like the grippers studied to handle cellulose bales or paper rolls. Moreover, 2 of them have been recently equipped with innovative traceability systems aimed at assuring the highest safety of the work environment and at optimizing the allocation of pallets and the courses travelled by means. Equipped with detection antenna and forefront Tag RFID reading systems, they have become an essential component of the IREAD4.0 system implemented by Sofidel for the monitoring and the automatic management of goods and forklifts trucks.