NTN-SNR Bearings for the flying motorcycle

The challenge of designing and building an electric motorcycle that can fly, the LMV 496, was met by the Bearings’ manufacturer, NTN-SNR, and the French vehicle manufacturer, LAZARETH.
The wheels fold out and the turbines positioned at the centre of each wheel enable the motorcycle to take off. NTN-SNR designed the wheel-mounting design that allows the suspension arm to rotate and four engines to be inserted into the centre of each wheel, each fitted with a 5 kg turbine that provides 55 kg of thrust.
In order to develop this innovation, the entire design of the wheels and the bearings had to be reconsidered and an integrated solution put forward.
The project concerns a tilting electric motorcycle whose two front and two rear wheels are twinned. While the motorcycle is in motion, the wheels fold out thanks to very specific kinematics and the motorcycle takes off, powered by four turbines positioned in the centre of each wheel.

Technical characteristics of the project:

  • Bearing solution that enables the turbine to be integrated into the centre of the wheel.
  • Ball bearing with four points of contact and a 240 mm pitch diameter.
  • “Serrated” bearing housing to optimise the guidance of the rolling elements while in motion and to ensure optimal weight.
  • Weight of the solution: 2.2 kg per wheel (with the attachments and attachment points)
  • Bearing equipped with a deflector to protect against external pollution.
  • 3D printing used to manufacture the key parts of the integrated solution.