Alto Adige logistic and transport company Fercam has collaborated with Mercedes-Benz Trucks Italia to carry out the first real transport in Italy with the brand-new 100% electric truck. From Bolzano to Innsbruck, transporting goods without any noxious emission, without noise and in full drive comfort: Fercam was the first that tested an international Distribution Service with the electric Actros by Mercedes-Benz. The two companies share the commitment for the implementation of freight transport solutions on road at zero CO2 emissions and therefore they collaborate to speed up the transition.
The transport activity carried out during the test week had as reference place in Austria the local head office of Fercam’s partner for the Distribution on Extra-Italy European territory. The load amounted to about 6 tons of goods for each leg, and Heinz Lambacher, Fercam driver for over 16 years, was behind the truck wheel. For the journey, it was sufficient to recharge batteries at the time of loading goods and at the arrival, no intermediate stop was necessary.