To support automotive startups and OEM in speeding up their course towards electric vehicles, Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE) has started a partnership with the design and development company Italdesign, to provide a solution of customized modular EV platform. It is an offer in world preview that combines the new sliding frame for WAE electric vehicles with turn-key vehicle development services signed by Italdesign.
Standing out from the other EV platforms currently on the market, EVX integrates the battery casing with elements more commonly perceived as part of the body structure. The front and rear frame structures are mounted on the carbon composite housing and shock loads can be transferred via internal reinforcements to the integral side sills.
The joint venture will support the creation of premium electric vehicles as high-performance GT, Crossover and Sedans.
Italdesign Engineering team completes then the vehicle’s architecture, adding safety systems, structures and UX devices to constitute the modular platform that will be the basis to implement various high-performance vehicles.