One of the companies that stands out for the high-quality e-motor lamination and e-core stacks is Feintool. Recently, the company has proudly announced it is winning a project extension to supply a further 21 million rotor-stator stacks for electric motors in the industrial sector and extends long-term relationship with its customer. The expected volume will be delivered within five years, that is why Feintool is investing in new infrastructure and upgrading of equipment in the Hungary plant of the Business unit e-laminations in Tokod, Hungary.
The previous news talked about the successful cooperation started in Asia with Sitec: both technology companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to intensify cooperation in the production of metallic bipolar plates for fuel cells and electrolysers in Europe.
Going back to some months ago, here is the announcement by Feintool they have won a substantial contract to supply rotors and stators to a new key customer. The multi-year contract for this renowned European OEM involves a lifetime volume in the triple-digit million Euro range. This success illustrates the importance of Feintool’s strategy which focuses on electrification.