For those who are fond of the automotive world’s technology, it is significant the outstanding electric direction of the models presented downtown in Milan on the occasion of Milan Monza Open-Air Motor Show held last weekend, from 10th to 13th June.
The vehicles that underline the boost of the new electrification era include CUPRA Born, presented to the public just on the occasion of the event.
It is the first 100% electric model of the brand, able to guarantee up to 540 km of autonomy, with advanced technological equipment and extremely appealing design.
The 1.4 e-HYBRID 245 CV DSG motor has maximum autonomy of 55 km in purely electric modality and it allows reducing emissions to just 31-35 g/km.
You can choose among 150 HP (110 kW) and 204 HP (150 kW) electric motors that supply energy to rear wheels. If combined with a high-performance lithium-ion battery with a capacity up to 58 kWh, propulsors assure a high autonomy of about 420 km. Moreover, in the e-Boost1 version, CUPRA Born provides even higher performances: the maximum power reaches 231 HP (170 kW), whereas the battery with maximum capacity of 77 kW grants an approximate 540-km autonomy.
Worth highlighting recharge process and times: it is sufficient to connect the model with a 125-kW net for just 7 minutes to reach a sufficient charge to travel for 100 km.
Designed and developed in Barcelona, in Martorell headquarters, CUPRA Born will be produced in Zwickau factory (Germany), and it will be available starting from Autumn 2021.