In the first months of 2022, Demak Group will launch a new consultancy service called “Potting Sprint” that will provide a comprehensive and customized potting project in 2 weeks only.
Demak Group has also recently released its brand-new website. Completely re-designed in its look, it has been conceived to become a useful tool for everyone looking for potting solutions in the different industries the Group serves.
Its structure looks easy to browse when looking for resin dispensing equipment, resin systems or consultancy on potting projects.
Demak has strategically focused its attention on the E-mobility section where it is possible to understand at first sight all the advantages provided by the potting technology, finding components in which Demak has already experienced potting projects, a wide selection of dispensing equipment, from compact machines to fully automatic lines, more than 200 resin systems with suitable performances for any e-mobility project, a potting lab where to perform dedicated tests.