The first full-electric model by the Spanish brand is called CUPRA Born and it is characterized by the appealing design and sportif performances.
The powertrain includes a permanent magnet synchronous electric motor with maximum torque of 310Nm at 16,000 rpm, positioned on the rear axle, in front of the central part of wheels. The torque is transferred through a single speed gearbox with differential, which allows a uniform power supply for smooth performances.
The motor is available in three power variants: 150 HP (110 kW)/310 Nm and 204 HP (150 kW)/310 Nm for CUPRA Born, whereas the motor that equips the most performing version, CUPRA Born e-Boost1, reaches a power of 231 HP (170 kW)/310 Nm. In its turn, Born e-Boost1 will be available in two variants: one with 58 kWh battery, which assures an autonomy of 424 km, and one with 77 kWh battery, with autonomy of 540 km. The acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h takes place in 6.6 seconds.
CUPRA Born exploits a lithium-ion water-cooled battery system with more modules, centrally housed in the lower part of the car to guarantee an excellent centre of gravity and to reduce the weight impact. The arrangement of the battery pack assures improved dynamics and more stability, so sharing in a more uniform distribution of the car weight (50% on the front part and 50% on the rear part). «CUPRA Born – commented Wayne Griffiths, CEO of CUPRA – represents the boost towards the electrification era. Due to its appealing design created in Barcelona and to the sports performances, as well as to an autonomy in fully electric modality of over 500 km, this car contributes in decreasing the global CO2 emissions and in reaching European targets».
Designed and developed in Barcelona, at the Headquarters CUPRA at Martorell, CUPRA Born is produced in the factory in Zwickau, in Germany.