Fpt Industrial, brand of Iveco Group and Maserati, have established a partnership for the manufacturing of the new Gran Turismo Folgore, the first full-electric car in the Trident’s history.
Electric axles are manufactured in the ePowertrain factory in Turin, the first carbon-neutral manufacturing site of Iveco Group. The new Gran Turismo Folgore by Maserati exploits the 800-V technology and it has been developed with forefront technical solutions deriving from the Formula E.
The car is equipped with three electric 300-KW permanent-magnet motors integrated into the front and rear Fpt Industrial electric axles able to develop a power of 761 HP. This powerful efficient system allows reaching a sensational acceleration from 0 to 100 km in 2.7 s and a peak speed of 325 km/h.
Jointly developed by Fpt Industrial and by Maserati, Fpt Industrial electric axles offer a power density at the highest levels. Axles are characterized by compact light design thanks to their structure fully made of aluminium.