After the excellent year start, the data recently diffused by Confindustria Ancma (National Association of Cycle Motorcycle Accessories) on the February Italian market of bikes, scooters and motorcycles describe an overall +20.9% versus the same 2022-month, but certainly with not enthusiastic news for electric two-wheelers.
In fact, the electric market does not take off during 2023, closing February with 838 units, with a 3.23% downturn versus the same 2022-month. In the first bimonthly, electric drops by 10.82% versus 2022 and makes 1,706 zero-emission vehicles circulate on the road. However, it is necessary to highlight that the first two months of 2022 had scored the 82% rise.
The president of Ancma, Paolo Magri, has highlighted how «the solution of many of residual provisioning problems allows the market to express its potential at best, still confirming our products’ central role as possible enjoyable choice for individual displacements and for the uses more connected with passion, with tourism and sport. For this reason, we think that local administrations’ political agenda must consider, in the debate about the sustainability of transports and cities’ future, the determinant contribution that motorcycles go on offering to the solution of mobility problems». Are incentives in the direction of zero emissions hoped for?