DHL announces the establishment at Pozzuolo Martesana, in the outskirts of Milan, of the first Electric Vehicle Center of Excellence for the electric mobility in Continental Europe. In collaboration with EV Teams of DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation, the EV Center of Excellence exploits the combined management of the storage and handling of goods of DHL Global Forwarding, maritime and air transport capabilities included. Moreover, DHL Express provides a net solution for the global distribution. This forefront structure, which takes up a surface of around 10,000 square metres, is a logistic pole purposely created to satisfy the growing demand for electric vehicles in the Italian market, addressing in particular the growing sector of EV.

DHL sets up near Milan the first Electric Vehicle (EV) Center of Excellence

The EV Center of Excellence in Italy manages the inbound and outbound logistics, using different transport modalities, the integrated storage with added-value services such as the test and the charge of batteries, and the complete management of the aftermarket for batteries. The latter includes the storage, the charge and the assistance to dealers for the problems connected with the guarantee, the replacement and the disassembly of batteries.

In addition, customers can benefit from a smooth connection with a Pan-European network structure in conformity with LiBa. In addition to a cutting-edge warehouse, the structure relies on broad energy storage capacities and it supplies services purposely conceived for two-wheelers. Furthermore, the EV Center of Excellence is equipped with environments at controlled temperature and humidity, offering a holistic solution that includes compartments for general and dangerous materials. The services are managed by teams trained to operate in the EV sector, while customers can rely on IATA CEIV-certified teams for air transport requirements. Finally, customers can avail themselves of the expertise of the logistic team of Formula E, who has his headquarters precisely in Italy.