One of the key weapons that an OEM has to grant more efficiency to its customers is an impeccable, fast and precise logistics. In this scenario, a piece of news comes from Forvia, reality stemmed from the takeover of Hella by Faurecia, and aiming at becoming one of primary players in world automotive components, with a soul split between original equipment and aftermarket.
Forvia has in fact increased the logistic productivity, strengthened the stability of manufacturing processes and reduced safety risks inside plants, implementing a fleet of 14 Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR). Located in Faurecia Clean Mobility factory at Písek, in Czech Republic, 7 of them are AMR and have allowed Forvia to reach the ROI in less than two years.
AMR carry empty pallets to assembling lines and pick up full pallets from the logistic area. The second area, where operate instead MiR250 robots, is the one of component transport, from the warehouse to assembling lines. The robots in the factory work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, covering all three work shifts.
Before the project start, the logistics in workshop was mainly based on manual processes, forklifts and stackers, without any automation. The risk of accidents or professional illnesses was quite high, so the company decided automating the heaviest and most dangerous processes. The main goal was introducing a technology that increased the safety and the productivity level, too.