Tecnomatic has been in the business of designing and manufacturing automatic assembly lines for the automotive industry for 51 years. An international leader in process innovation for automotive electrification, it is developing its new solutions for e-mobility and deepening its partnership with the Mondial Group.

Maximum focus is placed on electric motors in the area of square wire winding, with the development of patented technologies. One of the main areas of expertise concerns HairPin technology for stators, with flat conductors of higher cross section. “The use of copper rods with a full cross section, an evolution from traditional wires, is a significant advance in this area. It generates higher electromotive current density and greater overall motor efficiency, allowing more motor power to be generated in the same space or, alternatively downsizing, reducing the size of the motor and maintaining the same power. Obviously forming and unwinding such HairPin rods, around the stator structure, is more decidedly complex than traditional wires,” Tecnomatic explains in the press note.

Cristiano Ceselli, Mondial Group Area Manager

Tecnomatic and Mondial Group together

“The Mondial-Tecnomatic Group collaboration over these 15 years has grown hand in hand with the deepening of the technological solutions developed. Following activities not only of product implementation but also of functionality analysis, thus making, on the supply side, a careful selection in order to optimize and make it efficient,” explained Cristiano Ceselli, Mondial Group Area Manager.