Beauty, endless charm of Venice and the whole power of electric propulsion. This is the frame of the test recently carried out at Murano island thanks to Capoforte SQ204i boat on which the electric Harmo thruster has been mounted. It is an integrated electric system equipped with a brand-new steering control, which offers a smart end-to-end technological solution consisting of an electric propulsion unit, a remote control and a joystick.
The target of this test, according to the motor’s and boat’s characteristics, was trying a different navigation from conventional one, where it is not speed that matters but the connection with the surrounding environment.
The place, with its narrow channels, was in fact the perfect background to put to test the operation of the electric motor and of the joystick, which facilitates the displacement management.
Alessandro Russo, Marine division manager of Yamaha Motor explained: «The choice of testing Yamaha Harmo on Capoforte SQ204i in Venice is not fortuitous. The boat has been precisely conceived for use in a river or lagoon city, where the preservation of the environment and of the artistic and cultural heritage is fundamental. Moreover, we will go back to Venice at the next edition of the Boat Show that, like Yamaha, pays utmost attention to the environment and becomes promoter of the electric propulsion for the territory protection».