Absolute first in the race for the evolution of the innovative electric protype with range extender. Audi RS Q e-tron E2 is in fact engaged in Morocco Rally, with all official Audi Sport crews, for which very challenging conditions are expected: high temperatures, dunes, rocky stretches and fast tracks on compact ground.
The car is equipped with three electric powertrains: two MGU (Motor Generator Unit), one close to each axle, perform traction, whereas a third unit acts as generator to share in the recharge of the high-voltage battery.

Arnau Niubó Bosch, project leader track operations explained «The programme provided for nine days of test, so that each crew could test the car for three days. The main targets were two: developing the car in view of Dakar and making drivers and navigators become acquainted with the novelties introduced by the E2 evolutionary step. The car lightening, in fact, opens new opportunities for the trim and suspension setting. We are going towards the correct direction, to the extent that the electric traction discharges power to the ground more smoothly than in the past».

The car seems to differ notably from the past: the overall lightening allows opting for a less hard calibration of shock absorbers, to full benefit of comfort.