This topical news underlines how much the higher popularity of the market of electric motors is going hand in hand with a rise of controls and a growing severity in conformity with bureaucracy.
Recently, almost 600 electric motors have been stopped at Ravenna Port, with inherent maxi-fine for a company headquartered in Forlì territory. The control was carried out with the collaboration of the officers of Excise, Customs and Monopoly Agency at the terminal container of the Byzantine port: militaries have subjected 588 electric motors to administrative detention because they were not provided with instructions in Italian language, with suspension of customs clearance and simultaneous reporting to Mise as market surveillance Authority.
A further control has highlighted that the importer has never provided for the registration in the specific register of the companies that import and market electric and electronic systems. Successively, only after the assessment of the occurred enrolment in the suitable register and the prearrangement of the instructions in Italian language, the man has received the consent for the release on the market. However, the administrative sanction was anyway issued, with possibility of lodge on appeal: over 34,000 Euros if paid within 60 days.