Good news for the world of electric vehicles. Over 57 million Euros will be in fact allocated for the Italian eco-bonus for the purchase of electric cars in the ambit of the sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility Decree approved in the Council of Ministers. This has been recently announced by the Italian Ministry for the Economic Development, explaining that the resources programmed for the extra-bonus are reallocated on the ordinary fund of the eco-bonus incentive to assure and to optimize the use of funds intended for the purchase of less polluting vehicles. In this way, bonuses from which buyers will benefit will be not negligible like typical ones of extra-bonuses (1,000/2,000 Euros) but they will be consistent, like the original eco-bonuses (even up to 8,000 Euros of savings).
Moreover, Draghi Government has decided delaying the expiry terms of the application submission, considering the delays in the production, sale and registrations of this kind of cars.
The procedure to apply for the bonus can be accomplished by December 31st 2021, if the input was performed within the first six months of the year, otherwise within June 30th 2022, if the input occurred in the last six months of the year.