Heat pump products are increasingly present in each consumer’s experience. Their success is based on the energy saving and the environment protection: pursuing this target, the European Ecodesign regulation is introducing new important transformations at products’ core. However, the new generation of heat pump products will be asked to solve important technical challenges, as in the case of problems connected with the replacement of refrigerating gases.

Zoppas Industries Heating Element Technologies – global supplier and top player in design, production and sale of heating systems for domestic and industrial applications – offers a broad range of suitable solutions for facing the technical challenges in the development of new heating products equipped with heat pump technology. In the case of domestic washers-dryers, for instance, Zoppas Industries has developed innovative solutions of thermal boosters for applications exposed to the flammability risk of refrigerating gases. They have overcome, in particular, the limits of the previous generation, characterized by the use of bare-wire technology. The experience gained, operating for 50 years in over 200 different markets, is the driving engine of a portfolio of systems and technologies suiting tradition and at the same time keeping pace with innovation: new, reliable and advanced heating solutions, for products addressing aware customers.