With the vehicle project Xiaomi Su7, Xiaomi intends to integrate the automotive industry with consumer electronics and smart ecosystems to redefine completely the automotive industry, making great strides in its technological survey. It is what the brand has recently announced and for which it will invest over 10 billion Chinese Yuan.

The fruit will be three electric motors, developed and manufactured independently: HyperEngine v6, HyperEngine v6s, and HyperEngine v8 that, as affirmed by the manufacturer, will establish new standards: HyperEngine v8 will have a maximum speed of 27,200 rpm, a power of 425 kW and a peak torque of 635 Nm. To allow such results, Xiaomi will use an ultra-resistant silicon steel plate, with a tensile strength of 960 Mpa. Moreover, in the research and development of materials, Xiaomi has developed Titans Metal, a die-cast material featuring high resistance, high resilience, and heat treatment. The technological forefront will be mirrored in the vehicle: Xiaomi Su7 will reach a 0-100km/h acceleration in just 2.78 seconds, steadily ranking in the club of supercars under 2 seconds, and able to reach a maximum speed of 265 km/h.