Z-Triton is simultaneously a camper, a boat and a bike. It is in fact a three-wheeled amphibious electric vehicle that allows two people to travel both by road and in fresh waters, as well as to sleep in its interior.
The idea stemmed after the young designer Aigars Lauzis decided to undertake a solo cycling trip through Eurasia, stopping for 4 long stops in Istanbul, Dubai, Singapore and Shanghai.
Thus, the Latvian established the design and engineering studio “Zeltini” and through processing in 3D and various processes, in 2019 he creates the first prototype of Z-Triton, presented to the public in May 2020. Today it is possible to pre-order the vehicle (the cost is around 11,500 Euros), which will be manufactured in Valmiera and in the meantime it has found four founders ready to invest in the project. The production of the first batch of Z-Triton will start at the beginning of 2022 and deliveries will indicatively take place next summer.
Some technical data: Z-Triton is approved as three-wheeled electric vehicle, category L2e, it measures 3.9 metres of length, 1.45 of width and 1.72 of height, and it has a total weight of about 200 kg. It can navigate in fresh waters with a maximum speed of 5 km/h and autonomy of 20 km, as electric bike it reaches instead 25 km/h and can travel up to 50 km.
On the roof are installed solar panels that share in the recharge of the battery that powers the two electric motors.