Is Wireless Electric Roads  the future of global electric transportation? Israeli startup Electreon Wireless is developing a solution, creating roads that can charge electric vehicles as they drive. Wireless Electric Roads (ERS) is the platform of the future for charging EVs on the go – decreasing the size of the battery and load on the grid, smoothing operation and eliminating visual hazards.

Wireless ERS combines dynamic, semi dynamic and static charging, providing the optimal solution to any use case.
The first step of the company was an electric road in 2019, when in the coastal town of Beit Yanai in Israel, has successfully charged a Renault Zoe inductively while driving. This was achieved along a 20-metre long section of track equipped with coils embedded in a section of the road.
During the test, ElectReon proved an energy transmission of 8.5 kW with an efficiency of more than 91%.
Electron Wireless has another project planned for a small area in Tel Aviv this summer, before implementing a test in Sweden by the end of 2020.