The target of the recent joint venture between Stellantis and Samsung, currently sanctioned by a memorandum of understanding, is aimed at the production of lithium-ion cells and battery modules for North America.
The new battery plant, whose start is scheduled by 2025, is targeted to achieve initially a yearly production capacity of 23-gigawatts hour, with the possibility of rising it up to 40-gigawatts hour in the future.
“Due to the next battery plants – stated Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis (in the photo)- that will open the doors shortly, we will attain a good ranking to compete and finally to conquer the North American market of electric vehicles. Our strategy of collaboration with highly qualified partners improves speed and dynamism, necessary characteristics to design and to manufacture safe, accessible and sustainable vehicles».
The witness by Young-hyun Jun, president and CEO of Samsung SDI: «We are honoured to give birth to a joint venture dedicated to the production of batteries with Stellantis, company that is accelerating its electrification strategy in this era with a strong propensity for green energy. With this joint venture, we will do our best to satisfy our customers’ high standards in the North American market of electric vehicles».
Stellantis is at an advanced stage in the process oriented to assure the yearly capacity needed for the production of batteries for electric vehicles. The goal is heightening the sales of electrified vehicles in United States up to exceeding 40% of the total within 2030.
Production plants will satisfy the demand for batteries by Stellantis assembling factories in the United States, in Canada and in Mexico for the installation on state-of-the-art electric vehicles, which range from hybrid plug-in to full electric battery vehicles, sold in the ambit of the portfolio of Stellantis brands.