The American brand Lucid has announced new versions of the Air intended for Europe. In particular, the customers from Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Norway can order the Pure AWD and Touring variants with double electric motor, with the first deliveries scheduled by the end of the year.
The two new versions are positioned at the base of Air price list, in terms of both power and of equipment. The first has a power of 480 HP, while the second releases 620 HP. Both are equipped with a 92-kWh battery pack that allows an autonomy of 725 km in the WLTP cycle.
The new versions can be recharged up to 250 kW in direct current, instead of 300 kW, and there are also the pluses for the on-board comfort, with broader space.
Lucid range will be enlarged in 2024 with the “base” Pure equipped with a single rear motor.