Let us take a step back: Volta Zero is a 16-ton fully electric vehicle specifically created for urban logistics, able to reduce the environmental impact of deliveries of goods downtown. Designed since the early phases with fully electric autonomy ranging from 150 to 200 km, Volta Zero is expected to avoid the production of 1.2M tons of CO2 by 2025.
Recently, Volta Trucks has completed its severe test programme under hot climatic conditions of its full-electric 16- ton Volta Zero. The test programme developed in the lapse of six weeks by Nardò Technical Centre, in Puglia, and was conceived to ensure that Volta Zero grants exceptional levels of reliability and duration when, at the beginning of next year, the mass production of vehicles upon customers’ specification will be started.
The development team has accomplished over 2,500 km of driving cycle, focused on customers’ requirements, at motorway, city and urban speeds. The air conditioning system and the thermal management of the battery and of Volta Zero powertrain have been assessed and taken to the extreme to assure optimal operational reliability, with maximum temperature of 39 °C during the day and 28 °C at night.
Ian Collins, Chief Product Officer di Volta Trucks, stated: «The completion of our test programme under hot climatic conditions marks out another important milestone in the development and in the supply of Volta Zero. Tests allow our engineers to implement their last discoveries in the mass-production of specific vehicles for customers, assuring that Volta Zero will offer a reliable durable experience to future customers».