Established in 1977 thanks to the farsightedness of the current founders and owners, Canali brothers, during the years Stame has specialized in producing mechanical parts, of complex geometry and fair or good dimensional precision, through compaction and sintering of metal powders.

Nowadays the company produces parts for various mechanical production sectors, from locks to household appliances, from motorcycle to automotive induced activities. A relevant part of the generated turnover is carried out with foreign companies. Due to a basic choice, Stame is deeply interested in scientific and technological innovation. The study and the setting up of innovative sintered materials and advanced mechanical solutions, together with customers’ collaboration in designing, are part of the company philosophy and are more and more often encompassed in the ambit of the activities planned and developed systematically.

To improve the professional level and the technical-scientific competences of its human resources, Stame encourages its engineers’ participation in training activities, seminars and international sector meetings.