With over 70 history behind, Cagnoni prosecutes its growth and expansion course, today even more structural and organizational than ever. In fact, since the first months of the current year the company has carried out its activity in the new headquarters taking up about 4,000 sq. m., still in Osimo (AN), at the service of the numerous supplied sectors. Among them, stand out automotive and appliances, for which Cagnoni plays the role of problem-solver, supporting its customers’ engineers in the design development.

A fundamental synergistic contribution, highly appreciated especially by Research & Development departments, with which they establish and share the targets to be reached. Approach that today can benefit not only from the wider operational spaces of the new Headquarters, but also from an even better structured organization and from an increasingly digital and high-quality process management. A high productivity assured by a machine fleet composed by 12 mechanical presses from 30 to 350 tons, automated by electronic feeders and specific bending machines for the processing of technical materials, completed by EDM plants, very high-precision NC milling and grinding machines. The division, further developed in the new headquarters, can process 15,000 kg a day of raw materials, manufacture about 250,000 items a day, from few tenths of gram up to 400 grams, and machine thicknesses ranging from 0.10 mm up to 4 mm.

The production of electric commutators for electric motors in DC and AC, they too used in several sectors, exploits a unique technology that allows less waste of raw materials, without affecting the product quality and assuring high performances, reliability and extreme flexibility. Robotic isles, in-process controls through sophisticated high-resolution cameras and the use of software for defect diagnosis, decrease in-house machining costs at Cagnoni, offering notable economic advantages, and then more competitiveness, to customers.