Let us take a step back: last December, took place the takeover of 100% of Gkn, global engineering and manufacturing partner of metal powders and product solutions for automotive and industrial markets, by Qf Spa of Borgomeo Group, so sparing the factory at Campi Bisenzio, including the employment of its 422 workers.
In these days, it is released the news that in that factory they will produce state-of-the-art electric motors for machines at the service of the industrial automation of textile, of pharmaceutical and other sectors, including automotive and technologies for renewable energies.
«They have taken a very important step forward, we hope it is decisive» stated the major of Florence Firenze, Dario Nardella. While Eugenio Giani, president of the Tuscany Region, declared: «Positive the recovery prospect provided by the guidelines of the industrial plan and the safeguard of all involved workers». The industrial plan will avail itself of an important research, development and design structure, integrated with industrialization and production. The operation provides for investments worth 82 millions, staking on the development of integrated electric hyper-digital drives, in an integrated system for the implementation of industrial automation, edrives, robotics and logistics. In a successive phase, the electrification of transport systems, connected also with the energy sector, will be started. Besides electric motors, the power converter will be developed.