A green energy boat, which in its turn cleans the environment. This an-plein of sustainability is called Pelikan and it has been ideated by Garbage Group, which for years has worked at ecological port, maritime and terrestrial services.
The boat is a fully electric hull, 7-metre long, powered by photovoltaic panels and designed to collect any kind of floating waste by means of two claws that can be opened at bow and of drones, submarine rows and probes that search for wastes.
What are the technical characteristics? Overall length: 10.90 mt, Beam width: 2.48 mt, Immersion: 1.11 mt and displacement of 9 tons. Motors are Volvo-Penta Kw132 hp180, the maximum speed is 9 Kn and the maximum capacity of liquids is equal to 930 lt. The boat will be recharged by Enel X Way infrastructures, the company of Enel Group dedicated to electric mobility.
The manufacturer is programming to build one thousand boats in the next five years, in a lapse of time in which sector players, but not only, hope that the excellence of the Italian green navigation will be increasingly affirmed.