Innovative strides have been made by Theion in battery technology through revolutionary anode chemistry. As part of lithium-sulfide battery research, the company has developed a lightweight polymeric host with special coatings to replace more modern chemical anodes such as graphite, silicon-rich graphite or lithium metal foils. Why is a lightweight and durable anode a key factor for lithium-sulfide batteries? Energy density is three times that of current conventional lithium-ion batteries at one-third the cost, requiring significantly less energy to produce. Scientifically validated results achieved tell of more than 2,000 charge and discharge cycles.
“Our innovation in lightweight, fast-charging battery chemistry makes lithium-sulfur batteries ideal for aviation electric thrusters, such as eVTOLs and conventional propulsion aircraft,” said Marek Slavik, co-founder of Theion.

CEO, Ulrich Ehmes, added, “Our new anode design is an important milestone. With our host anode chemistry, optimized and tested over several thousand cycles, we have solved the problem of dendrite and fast charging of lithium metal foils. This is a key component for our high-performance lithium-sulfur cell.”