Electric Aviation Group Ltd (EAG) and its Electric Propulsion Subsidiary, Hydrogen Hybrid Electric Propulsion Systems Ltd (H2EPS) are driving forward these technological advancements collaborating with industry leaders such as McLaren Applied to deliver application specific powertrains consisting of e-motors, power inverters and control systems resulting in a unique, optimised system for each application. The resulting Ultra-lightweight, Advanced, Electric Propulsion Systems herald a new generation of electric vehicle propulsion delivering a superior user experience. McLaren Applied will be supporting an EAG led consortium that has been awarded an APC (Advanced Propulsion Centre) ARMD2 UK government grant for Project LEAP (Lightweight Electric Automotive Propulsion). The aim of the project is to develop an ultra-lightweight advanced electric motor, optimised for McLaren Applied’s technologically advanced IPG5 800V silicon carbide inverter. The project focuses on pushing the boundaries of what is possible with Hardware, Software and System optimisation.
The venture will involve collaboration between Electric Aviation Group Ltd (EAG), its subsidiary Hydrogen Hybrid Electric Propulsion Systems Ltd (H2EPS) and University of Nottingham (UoN), working with McLaren Applied to develop a new generation electric propulsion system for high performance and luxury electric vehicles, reducing weight, extending range and delivering a new and better driver experience to rival that of the internal combustion engine. A prototype is due to be unveiled in September 2024, with the intention to commercialise the technology beyond that date.
Paolo Bargiacchi, Head of Product, Electrification, at McLaren Applied said «In order to maximise the potential benefits from our 800V SiC IPG5 hardware, we have been focused on developing our motorsport-honed motor control software to deliver advancements in fine motor control. This provides OEMs with the ability to differentiate the driver experience by tailoring the powertrain attributes to their brand – whether that be greater driving engagement, or unrivalled levels of refinement. We are excited that this funding will make the most of these capabilities, delivering an optimised high-performance inverter and motor system».