One of the most recent automotive companies established to shine in the full electric offer is called Lucid Motors, in California. The developed model is Air and ranks on the market as luxury high-performance electric car. The numerous features of this Californian car include the extremely compact powertrain because the differential has been directly integrated inside the rotor of the motor generator.
Lucid Air equips two electric motors positioned on the two axles, for a maximum combined power of 805 kW, equivalent to about 1080 horsepower. The maximum registered autonomy is 830 km, an outcome deriving from the synergy among the manifold solutions integrated on board.
It was essential to in-house develop one’s own powertrain, implementing an excellent motor-inverter-transmission package. «The great novelty resides in the differential housed inside the rotor of the electric permanent-magnet motor. It is a “single rotational inertia system”, with the advantage of removing the mechanical couplings with an outer differential and, with them, the efficiency losses linked with gears», explained Peter Rawlison, CEO of Lucid Motors.