Koelliker presented the new Maxus eDeliver 5, a modern medium-small vehicle designed for the needs of the contemporary ‘door-to-door’ and to move easily in the restricted spaces of LTZs. Koeliker said that the eDeliver 5 is equipped with an electric motor that delivers almost 20 per cent more power than the reference models. The fully electric Maxus eDeliver 9, on the other hand, offers a large load capacity with a range of up to 405 km in WLTP City, while the Maxus eDeliver 7 is the innovative electric van with a range of up to 485 km in WLTP City and a load capacity of 1200 kg and two battery packs of up to 88 kWh. By the end of the year, the Maxus range will also expand with the arrival of the new GST full-electric 4×4 pick-up, equipped with a dual 250 and 150 kW motor. “Our partnership with Maxus started only three years ago but has quickly become a success story. This has led us on the one hand to compete with brands of great tradition and presence on the Italian market, and on the other hand to be today the first in Italy in full-electric commercial vehicles,” said Marco Saltalamacchia, Executive Vice President & CEO of the Koelliker Group.