Expected in Italy this summer, the Chinese electric quadricycle Jinpeng XY will be distributed by official importer Desner Auto. Some details have recently been revealed, such as the autonomy and maximum speeds of 80 km and 65 km/h.
The car has four seats and can be driven in the city at the age of 16, adhering to national ecological incentives. Four trim levels will be available: City, City E-cco, Long range and Long range E-cco, with the latter featuring air conditioning and providing the same comfort as a larger car.

Jinpeng XY electric quadricycle: technical data

Jinpeng XY’s technical data sheet indicates a WLTP range of 72 km for the City models and 80 km for the Long Range versions, with predicted fuel consumption of 147 Wh/km and 126 Wh/km respectively, and recharging time of 6-8 and over 100 km of range recorded for both.
The electric motor for City models is AC with a power output of 4 kW and maximum torque of 79 Nm, rising to 6 kW with permanent magnets and maximum torque of 95 Nm for Long Range models.