When real icons announce the switch to electric, there is no room for abouts about the collective motion in course. They have recently presented the Abarth Nuova 500e Scorpionissima, limited edition that joins unmistakable style and electric power. 1949 units are available, with exclusive graphics and a numbered authenticity certificate. Its performances can make it arrive in 7 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h due to the 155 HP supplied by the electric motor, powered by a 42-kWh battery. The manufacturer has explained that, by recharging it, just five minutes wiIl be sufficient to achieve an autonomy of 40 km in half an hour, to recharge it up to 80%.
It seems that soon other electric Abarths will join the range to make one of the major sports brands of Stellantis galaxy more appealing.
Moreover, it seems that more powerful 500e are coming and therefore Fiat and Abarth are working at new powertrains to achieve an Abarth exceeding 155 HP and 235 Nm.
What about the roar of the motor that has always characterized Abarths? The unmistakable “voice” of 1.4 turbo-petrol is artificially reproduced by a suitable sound generator.